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Alcohol Mouthwash

Alcohol Based or Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Mouthwash is very important for keeping teeth and gums healthy and minty fresh. When choosing a new brand of mouthwash, it can be confusing to choose between alcohol based or alcohol free ones. Buying the correct one may make a difference in your dental health.

In some studies, it is better to buy alcohol-free mouthwash. Further studies have shown that individuals using alcohol-based mouthwash are six times more likely to develop a form or oral cancer. Other studies have found no relation between the two.

A number of top dentist also agree with the study and do not recommended alcohol-based mouthwashes. The consumption of tobacco and alcohol have been directly linked to oral cancer, whose risks are increased with an increasing level of alcohol.

While there is still ongoing research about both types of mouthwashes, the studies performed so far conclude that is safer and healthier to purchase alcohol-free mouthwash brands.