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2014 Dental Insurance Updates

Denti-CalDental Associates of Huntington Beach is pleased to announce the future acceptable of Obamacare also known as Affordable Healthcare Act, updated Denti-CAL and CHIP. There currently is a lot of confusion on coverage terms and how to go about even receiving coverage. We have taken the proactive approach by having our staff trained specifically in the new healthcare coverage policies. The new healthcare system isn’t perfect and it’s not 100% clear on every detail. But it’s our hope to provide new and existing patients with educational assistance on what to expect in 2014 when the Affordable Healthcare Act is initiated.

obamacare-logo_full-300x243Maybe your employer has notified you of new coverage choices, government supplied insurance has notified you of termination or you recently lost your dental insurance. If the above mentioned relates to you or is your current situation, don’t wait till the last minute, get educated today. Our dental insurance specialists are available Monday – Friday to answer questions for new and existing patients.

We take great pride in providing excellent dental care to the community and we have been doing so for over 20 years. Dental Associates sets the standard of dentistry and will continue to provide only the best dental care to its patients in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas. So if you’re a new or existing patient please give us a call at (714) 377-4449, we would be honored to assist you!

Dental Associates of Huntington Beach
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