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Emergency Dentist Huntington Beach

You may experience events where your teeth are suddenly damaged, infected with disease, or are having severe trauma.  In these situations, your best option is to receive prompt, effective, and thorough treatment.

Damaged teeth can present extraneous initial pain.  This means that it is more imperative to receive primary care as soon as possible to manage the pain.  These problems can be resolved through dental fillings or crowns, which can remove affected enamel or replace the tooth altogether.

If the pain extends into the root of your tooth, then a root canal may be necessary.  This treatment removes the pulp inside of your tooth to remove infections, bacteria, and additional irregularities.

Most tooth pain or gum disease cases initiate from the pulp. Cleaning the area around this tissue helps reduce the occurrence of diseases. Even under the most critical circumstances, Our Huntington Beach dentists are experienced in delivering root canals in as effective, efficient, and optimal a manner as possible.

Our specialists maintain a commitment to consistently provide outstanding care during emergency situations.  Whether you are experiencing impacted or infected teeth, we possess readily available solutions to resolve your dental issues.

With time considered, our doctors optimize their treatments to ensure the complete restoration of your teeth. At Dental Associates of Huntington Beach, a healthy smile is always within your reach