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General Dentist Huntington Beach

General dentistry is concerned with all the tooth and gum problems from simple bad breath to complex gum diseases, tooth decay and implants to facilitate excellent oral health. General dentistry is practiced by successful graduates from dental schools with knowledge in the entire dentistry field. It is also known as family dentistry as the dentists take care of the oral problems of your family from children to adults. Dental Associates is Huntington Beach general dentist’s home.

Dentists who pursue general dentistry are well trained and skilled and are able to handle all your dental problems as they are well equipped in all areas of dentistry. Unlike the other dentists who major in a single course, general dentists poses dental know how in many areas.

Their core goal being a perfect dental, general dentist will start by finding out your problem and deciding the treatment through a diagnostic analysis. To achieve this they employ procedures such as;

CAT scans
Periodontal examinations
Soft tissue examinations

After patient examination, they are able to come up with a treatment plan that fits the patient depending on their illness. They perform various services such as dental cleaning, root canal treatment, mouth treatment, tooth decay, tooth erosion, implants, teeth restoration, inlays, filling and teeth removals.

A General practitioner will direct the patients to a dental specialist if the problem is complex and requires more intense attention. With qualified and experienced dentists in Huntington Beach, Dental Associates cares for your general oral health. Visit us for a confident smile.