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Invisalign Huntington Beach

Misaligned teeth can be a detriment not only to your teeth’s appearance, but your oral health as well.  This problem can result in bite problems as well as diseases.  Metal braces are a frequent option in addressing this problem but they also cause headaches of their own.  Their weight makes them difficult to adjust and they also present a visual distraction on your smile.

Traditional braces don’t have to be your only option to resolving misshaped teeth.  Invisalign is the ideal alternative which provides a convenient and comfortable teeth straightening solution.

The transparent features of Invisalign allow you to perform your daily oral activities while your teeth are being restructured.  Bite problems, tooth gaps, and overcrowding are also addressed in a much more comfortable manner.

Our team at Dental Associates of Huntington Beach can provide you the most comprehensive and comfortable teeth straightening experience in the area.  Schedule an appointment with us and attain the renewed smile you deserve.

Invisalign trays can be removed at any time for adjustment or replacement.  The straightening process remains effective even when the trays are temporarily removed.  Because we are dedicated to delivering a personalized level of treatment, the trays are custom-made to ensure your teeth are straightened to their natural appearance.