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Sedation Dentist Huntington Beach

Dental care can be an anxious and apprehensive experience.  Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation, is a specialization focused on delivering expert care while making patients feel as comfortable as possible.  Our team possesses a wealth of experience in delivering outstanding and stress-free treatments.

Our sleep dentistry services help you attain the beautiful smile you desire without experiencing the concerns frequently associated with dental care.  Our sedation treatments don’t fully render your body unconscious, but it becomes less responsive to external stimuli.

With your anxiety minimized, our doctors can perform more thorough and comprehensive treatments.  Sleep dentistry is administered with few side affects and almost little pain.  It is one of the safest methods of ensuring your complete comfort during dental treatments. If you choose to undergo sedation, another person is required to escort you to drive you to and from the dental office.

We utilize nitrous oxide for most of our sedation treatments.  This helps reduce your anxiety and allow you to safely receive high quality care.

Our treatments also include oral conscious sedation.  This is generally administered before the treatment and relaxes your body’s senses.  You can experience minimal physical contact but remain aware of your surroundings.

Dental Associates of Huntington Beach possesses the technology and expertise to deliver an effective level of care while maintaining your comfort.