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Teeth Whitening Huntington Beach

The ideal smile is a bright and confidence-emitting piece of art that adds to your overall complexion.  Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most popular methods to obtain attractive and natural-looking smiles.  At Dental Associates of Huntington Beach, our dentists maintain a rich reputation in delivering effective and long-lasting whitening treatments.

Discolored teeth can be the result of excessive coffee and tea consumption.  It can also be caused by frequent smoking activities. Regardless of the causes of your teeth discoloration, we possess a solution that can resolve even the most serious cases.

We specialize in the Zoom in-office teeth whitening system. This treatment is specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Zoom provides an extensive teeth whitening experience that can reduce the appearance of stains and other discolorations.  A custom tray is applied onto your teeth, this tray is coated with a whitening gel.  Under focused light, the gel becomes activated and starts eliminating the stains present on your teeth.

Our Zoom whitening products contain two desensitizing agents known as potassium nitrate and Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP), these help minimize the effects of fading on your teeth.

Under the care and expertise of our Huntington Beach Dr. Sameer Aljanedi, you can expect dramatic results within a day after your treatment. Let our doctors provide you with the beautiful-looking teeth you desire. An attractive smile can become yours with just a single call to our office!