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TMJ Dentistry Huntington Beach

Have you ever experienced unexplained headache, difficulties when moving the jaw, neck pain and ear problems? You might be suffering from TMJ disorder.

What is TMJ?
Temporamandibular disorder is a chronic disease that results in imbalance between the jaw and the muscles that control the jaw movement. This imbalance is brought about by improper bite. This strains the joint and its tissues hence moving the jaw out of its position.

Common symptoms of TMJ
Clicking and popping sound when moving the jaw, teeth grinding, pain when yawning or chewing, ringing in the ears, pain behind the eyes, tightness of the throat area, sore throat pain, dizziness and jaw pain are just but a few of common occurrences that TMJ patients experience.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms listed above, then make a stop at Dental Associates the Huntington Beach dentists who are dedicated to serve you. Specialized in neuromuscular dentistry our friendly staffs will advice, diagnose and treat you bringing relief to your aggravated chronic pain.

TMJ treatment
The neuromuscular dentist takes time to carefully determine the relaxed muscle jaw muscle position in relation to the head and the neck to the body posture. Through medical procedures known as sophisticated computer analysis and Transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation, the neural muscular dentist are able to determine the right jaw position and relax the head and the neck muscles to administer treatment.

Though TMJ disorder is a chronic degenerative disease, in Huntington Beach, the neuromuscular dentists of Dental Associates will take care of your oral needs.