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If you are affected by jaw pain, bite problems, or general neck discomfort, then you may be experiencing problems associated with TMJ. Numerous patients experience these problems and they can result in permanent consequences. Additional problems associated with this joint include headaches, ear pain, chewing irritations, and speaking discomfort.

TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joints, are located on both sides of your face near the ear lobes. It is the joint associated with your speaking and chewing functions. It acts as bridge between your lower jaw and skull bone. Located around the joint are discs made of cartilage that helps your jaw move horizontally and vertically.

The TMJ is a frequent area where patients experience pain and discomfort. At Dental Associates of Huntington Beach, our doctors have been treating jaw pain and other TMJ-related problems for decades. We provide a thorough examination of your neck and jaw area to determine the correct procedure to perform. We utilize the most up-to-date equipment combined with the latest practices to ensure your treatment is comfortable and effective.

With the expertise of our team, you can experience a comprehensive and passionate level of care. Let us restore your jaw to its optimal comfort and health, we look forward to being your TMJ specialist.